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The Steel Challenge at Richmond Hotshots is a fantastic first step into action shooting as well as a great platform for experienced shooters to work on their raw speed! 


In the Steel Challenge we shoot stages consisting of 5 steel targets shot as fast as possible. You will shoot each stage typically 5 times (called strings), and your worst string will be thrown out. Your final stage score is the total time it took you to shoot each string combined. 

Regulated by the SCSA, the Steel Challenge is now a subsidiary of USPSA. The divisions are:

  • Production

  • Carry Optics

  • Limited

  • Open

  • Single Stack

  • Iron Sight Revolver

  • Open Sight Revolver

  • Rimfire Pistol Irons

  • Rimfire Pistol Open

  • Rimfire Rifle Irons

  • Rimfire Rifle Open

  • PCC Irons

  • PCC Open


You can enter in your USPSA number upon registration if you would like your scores to earn international classification as we run at least four official classifier stages each match!


The Richmond Hotshots Intro to Competition Class is not required to shoot this event, BUT the holster and equipment rules, as well as the safety rules of the action range, are always in effect. Here is the SCSA rule book:


If you have never been on an action range or competed, find a Range Officer to ask for guidance. If you have any questions before the match, email Reilly Bodycomb at:

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