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Richmond Night Match Dates


Nov 19, 2022

Dec 17, 2022

Jan 21, 2023

Feb 18, 2023


Our Night Matches leverage the stages from the weekend USPSA match, shooting Saturday night after afternoon USPSA. You will be required to shoot the stage in complete darkness with only the aid of weapon mounted light/laser and/or head-lamps. Match default start position is firearm loaded held at the low ready position with safety engaged. Lights/lasers/optics are allowed to be on at the start.



-Pre-Registration online via Practiscore required.

-You MUST be a rated competitor USPSA, IDPA, USSL/UML with at least 4-5 matches under those safety rules.



United Shooting Sports League - United Multigun League. You'll get credit for the match if you're a USSL member ( but USSL membership otherwise not required for match).



USSL - EMG penalties ( time plus ) - Paper is neutralized with 1 - A hit or 2 hits anywhere


- Pistol (Open)



-Pistol or Carbine with attached light required (Pistol Calibers only)

-Either Red dot optic or red/green laser required

-No other firearm restrictions

-Clear eye protection, no sunglasses

-Hearing protection, amplified recommended

-Headlight or flashlight for scoring, taping, reloading magazines.

-One or two LED jogging lights (arm band) for personal night visibility (have extra you can borrow if you don't have one yet).

Gun Safety:

-Handguns may be stored in a gun case or gun rug between stages, or in appropriate holster if you have one that works with a light.

-Bag/unbag ONLY under direction of RO at Make-Ready command, or in designated safety area.

PCC should have safety flags in chamber of unloaded PCC, carried muzzle up, to and from start position. Carried in rifle bags or carts between stages, bag/un-bag with PCC towards berm w/o sweeping anyone. Only allowed to remove chamber flag under direction of RO at Make-ready or in designated safe area.

-The use of hand held lights as a primary light during the COF is specifically not allowed.

Squads will self-RO and Brass last stage shot.

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