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  • How do I get started with Richmond Hotshots?
    Check the prerequisites on the respective activity webpage that you're interested in. In general, you must complete the Intro to Competition Class or already have documented experience with action pistol sports.
  • How do I find my way around the Action Range?
  • How do I become a member at Richmond Rod and Gun Club (RRGC)?
    Richmond Hotshots operates under RRGC. To become a member at RRGC, you can refer to the RRGC FAQs:
  • I just finished taking the Intro to Competition Class.  How do I shoot my first USPSA match?
    -You can register for USPSA matches on -If you're an RRGC member, don't forget to request membership in PractiScore to obtain your match discount and pre-registration codes (see last FAQ item in this list). -Arrive a little early to check-in. -Check-in is at the Action Range Office which is located right in front of Bay 3 of the Action Range. Upon check-in, you will be told what squad you're on. -If you've taken the Intro to Competition Class, you know that you can load magazines anywhere outside the Safety Areas and can only handle your firearm only (no ammo handling) within the Safety Areas. -Shooter's meeting starts at 9am where they go over information for that match as well as announcements. -After the shooter's meeting, you report to your starting bay with your squad and be ready to shoot. Starting bay is usually outlined at the shooter's meeting as well.
  • Do you accept introductory safety/orientation classes from other ranges?
    Richmond Hotshots will accept the completion and PASSING of courses from the following USPSA ranges: Sacramento Valley Shooting Center (Sacramento, CA) - Any of the USPSA Introductory courses offered there El Dorado Defensive Pistol (El Dorado, CA) Solano Targetmasters (Davis, CA) Linden Competitive Shooting Club (Linden, CA) Please look at their respective websites for contact information at those ranges.
  • I'm now an RRGC member. How do I receive the member discount and pre-registration code for USPSA matches?
    Since the sign-ups for our matches are through, you need to request membership through Practiscore once you login. To get there, follow these steps: 1) Login to 2) Go to: 3) In the Dashboard, click on "Membership" and click on the member request button 4) Send your RRGC member number, and also your USPSA member number (if you have one) to: Your email should look like this: Hello, my name is <type your name>. I am a current RRGC member and just requested the membership discount through Practiscore. My RRGC membership number is <type RRGC member number>. My USPSA number is <type USPSA member number, if you have one, otherwise state: "I am not a USPSA member.">. FAILURE TO SEND THE EMAIL WITH REQUISITE INFORMATION WILL CAUSE YOUR REQUEST TO BE IGNORED. ALSO NOTE: THIS IS FOR USPSA MATCHES ONLY. OTHER ACTIVITIES WILL REQUIRE CONTACT WITH THE APPROPRIATE ACTIVITY CHAIR. Once this information has been submitted, and you have been approved, you should automatically get the pre-registration codes for future USPSA matches (this is not retro-active).
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