Richmond Hotshots range will be hosting Rimfire Challenge events in 2021.


Registration is open on site, day of event 8:00am - 9:00am. Shooting starts immediately after registration closes and safety meeting. Late registrations will not be accepted.


Registration fee: $20 per person


Event dates:

Jan 31 2021

March 28 2021

June 27 2021

October 31 2021

November 28 2021


All competitors are required to help reset stages for the next competitor, pick up brass, and put equipment away when the match has been completed. 




What is Rimfire Challenge?

The RCSA Rimfire Challenge, formerly known as the NSSF Rimfire Challenge, introduces participants to the fun and excitement of competitive shooting in a safe, low-pressure, family-friendly format. Go to www.rimfirechallenge.org for more information.


What are the rules?

Go to https://www.rimfirechallenge.org/rule-book/ for more information.
Go to https://youtu.be/vuLlOQ4xQrc to watch a video overview.


Do I need to be an experienced competitor to participate?

No you don’t need to be an experienced competitor to participate in these events, but you must be able to handle and manipulate your firearms safely.  Previous completion of a firearms training course is highly recommended.


What do I need to compete?

All that is required to participate are a functioning rifle and pistol chambered in .22lr and 5 magazines for each. Bring at least 250 rounds of quality ammo. You must be able to handle those firearms safely. Eye and ear protection is mandatory at all times.


Can I use a magazine with a capacity of greater than 11 rounds?
Yes, but the 11 shot rule still applies. If more than 11 rounds are fired in a single string the shooter will be given a 30 second string time.


Can I shoot just my pistol or rifle in a match?

No. Rimfire Challenge is a two gun (rifle and pistol) competition.


Can I shoot my .22 WMR (or any other) guns in a Rimfire Challenge match?

No. Only firearms chambered in .22lr caliber may be used in Rimfire Challenge events.