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Todd Jarrett USPSA Class March 30th,31st and match on April 1st 2023

Updated: Jan 21

Up coming USPSA Class coming your way in Richmond Rod and Gun Club, Richmond, Ca. March 30,31 and match on April 1st 2023

We will cover all aspects of the action shooting sports with firearms like Open, Carry optics, Limited, Single Stack and PCC We will cover all techniques from match day, how to tracking your progress, mental prep, shooting on the move, props, reloads, strong/weakhand shooting, trigger control for every type of distance. Loading ammo and how to maintenance firearms. With 40 years of experience with multiple Nationals and World Championships to pass along. This is a 3 day class. 2 days of range training also included a local USPSA match on Saturday the 18th. Class will shoot as a squad. What you will need, 1000 rounds for the training, a good working firearm, 4 high cap magazines or (8)10 rounds magazines, holster, eye pro and hearing protection. Match day ammo will be needed. $650.00 per person, match fee not included.

Contact Todd to pay for the class. He will give you instructions.

National and World Practical Shooting Champion Todd Jarrett has been a dominant force in practical shooting in the United States for the past 25 years. He currently holds four World titles, nine National titles and has won over 100 Area and Regional championships and countless other action shooting events. Todd is the only USPSA Triple Crown Winner in the world and holds USPSA National Titles in four divisions: Open, Limited, Production and Limited-10. IPSC World Champion (1996) 3-time Steel Challenge Limited World Champion (2003, 2005, 2007) North American Champion (1998) Pan-American Champion (1998) 6-time USPSA Open National Champion (1991, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2003) USPSA Limited National Champion (1997) USPSA Limited-10 National Champion (2003) USPSA Production National Champion (2002) German Open Production Champion (2008) Smith & Wesson IDPA Winter Champion (2005) Over 100 Area & Regional Championships In addition to his impressive list of titles, Todd is also a sought after firearms instructor for military, law enforcement, and competitive shooters around the world. His proven expertise in firearm manipulation and shooting techniques has enhanced the skills of countless individuals and agencies. Todd’s involvement with major companies in the firearms industry has led to the development of many new products that have proven invaluable to not only competitive shooters, but also for military and law enforcement.

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